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I have had many discussions (arguments) about this is CC's recently. Even quite large lvl'd gamers are convinced that slayer dart is the best way to RS gold do barrows. Which means you can do 342147219 chests a trip. Good for you, however melee is best for me. I get more gain by wasting money on 100+ slayer dart casts and I will do much more chests per excursion.

Most folks who do barrows are reduced lvl then , obviously with worse analytics and are doing it for money. I have done barrows a lot over the past 9 months of playing. I have ok melee stats and fine mage stats. I like melee. I take 3 de pots and 1 superb collection. I can do 3-5 chests based on the way the brothers struck. With slayer dart I will only do about two maybe 3 if I'm blessed. I have tested this with my own char. Might not be true for many others.

Now the other issue is, why can it be believed that veracs is your sole"rewarding" melee technique? They work a lot better then when I tried it using veracs. I barely got through one excursion with all the slow attack speed and low strikes.

This is a Frequent complaint about RuneScape

Let's look at what a couple players needed to say..."An alliance can repeatedly attack another player, destroying their gambling experience and I don't think that's fair." Yes, it's true. New players have seven days after connecting to develop their cities, but unless they push themselves and find their way into a potent alliance, they quickly become prey for stronger and more experienced players and alliances. "Just like other games that are similar, it will become a chore to play with and update everything. Progress is slow and there's honestly nothing to RuneScape gold buy really do with what you collect."

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By Smarthuiyuan
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