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A grave with bless opens up DKs, Arma and Sara. Additionally, graves reduce the risk of RS with RS gold a huge amount. Yes we know that someone won't bless your tomb so they could get there mitts on your fury, that is sort of the point. It's not them being a penis, it is how the RS death penalty works, and this has been distorted by graves. The bless was always intended to replace a buddy picking up items and giving them back to you, not a general"nerf death" button it's become, simply something for a friend to help you out if you expired.

So heres the alternative, you've got 3 choices. Just risk what you can afford to lose, hopefully we will see a reducation in the amount of maxed out gear players at managers simply because there is now a slight chance they could lose it. Boss with buddies - this is exactly what people did earlier graves when they wanted less danger. Boss because you're doing now, but realise that if the bless goes, you just have yourself to blame because I for one will be helping myself to random strangers fat loot piles. I hope I've cleared up this absurd arguement.

The PKing community of RuneScape was a good group of people

once the old wilderness was around (this was years ago I'm talking about), the PKing community of RuneScape was a good group of OSRS buy gold people. First, we requested"dm?" Or"fight?" Before we attacked somebody. We wanted to ensure that they were prepared, and that we'd have a fun, clean, honest fight. Also, people actually dm'ed. Too many times in RuneScape today a-days, I will ask someone"dm?" To get a response of"certain" or"yes", inevitably having them flee to the lender a few minutes into the battle.

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