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Over the past two decades, the amount of video content uploaded over the Internet is incredible. Videos have become the most potent form of content that has overpowered other forms of information; these days, people love to check out the video rather than reading an entire web page of text. Therefore, both B2B and B2C are investing heavily in video marketing. Yet, even in this video age, there are Internet users who trust text words more than what’s being spoken in the video. Thus, transcribing your brand video is highly beneficial to reach a wider audience base and improve engagement. 

While, you can always hire a professional Cantonese transcription services agency for the transcribing, but today we’ll be putting pro tactics to improve your transaction quality or to better understand if the company you hire is worth it or not. So, without wasting any time, let’s check out these tactics.

#1 Prioritize Audio Quality

First, things first, your top-notch priority must be the quality of video when considering transcribing. Even the most experienced transcribers from a professional Cantonese transcription service won’t be able to create quality transcription from poor recording. Ideally, the video must be in an enclosed environment or at an open place away from the crowd, because then the background noise will be minimal. Make sure that the echoes, ambient sound, and other kinds of disturbing day-to-day noises like barking dogs are negligible. Also, you must watch your settings too. The recording of the video must have consistent levels of audio.

#2 Hire the Best Online Cantonese Transcription Services

Once you have the improved quality video, your next step must be to hire a reliable, professional transcription service company. If you rely on a software or any third-party tool for transcribing the video in the same or the other language, the requested transcript will lack authenticity and consistency compared to human transcriptionists from Cantonese to English transcription services. He/she has vast experience to narrow down on the dialects and language nuisances; they’ll apply the grammatical rules, eliminate non-speech voices in the right manner for preparing a flawless copy.

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