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Despite the fact that Blizzard has not made any official declaration, a few gossipy tidbits recommend that the subject likely could be being talked about, or even underway in the Californian studio Truth be told, last March Blizzard sent a few players a poll asking them what their character creation inclinations would be on a Classic variant of TBC (source wowhead). All the more as of late, Nano, from the previous private worker Nostalrius, demonstrated that a subsequent source disclosed to him that a beta for The... more
lixue Oct 20 · Tags: wow classic items
Universe of Warcraft Classic has a great deal of uncommon and extraordinary things that are simply holding on to be obtained by authorities. Most players are probably not going to get their hands on even one of the things on this rundown, not to mention every one of them. Yet, claiming only a solitary one of them will make you a legend according to many WOW Classic Items players, so in case you're sufficiently fortunate to get a very uncommon thing try to never release it. The first non-straight prison in World of Warcra... more
lixue Oct 14 · Tags: wow classic items