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zemesangel Dec 5 '19

Castrol Oil Consultant - We are leading Online Oil Consultant for all Cars, Castrol & Motor Oil Consultants in Austria We offer free oil recommendation for AUDI, BMW. We are the right engine oil for your car.

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Which engine oil is the right one?

Based on a few details, we find the right engine oil for your car. But we can go even further and search in the same step so where you can buy it cheapest!

How much oil does my car need?

The amount of engine oil needed when changing the oil can be found in the operating instructions of your vehicle. The important thing is to fill the right amount! Too much or too little has a negative effect on the engine.

Oil is oil ... a statement that non-qualified consultants in hardware stores often say. To prevent a loss of warranty, it is best always to consult with experts. On the left side, we give you a glimpse of the different features of lubricants.

5w-30 engine oil - is the most common thesis these days. 5W30 oils are available in many different versions. The most common specifications of this variety are:

ACEA C3 VW 504 00/507 00 MB 229.51 BMW Longlife-04